Tuesday, March 29, 2016

House hunting is weird.  I guess having never seen myself back in a place where I had to rent somewhere, it feels even weirder.

It's also difficult.  It's not difficult finding somewhere in my (low) price range, but incredibly hard when you add in Lily.  From the original 300+ search results on the rental sites, that's immediately cut down to <15 when you click the 'pet friendly' box.  

I have managed to find three properties to have a look at this afternoon, but, and it's a big but, two are already under application.  I'm not even sure why they're even still having viewings.  It is definitely a seller's market here in Brisbane - much fewer properties available than people renting! 

Oh, and the third property, which isn't under application, isn't actually listed as 'pet friendly' so I still have to find out whether the owner will allow Lily!

And I'm not moving without her.


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