Friday, April 7, 2017


I'm sorry I came across as all pie in the sky and everything was sorted, everything was peachy.  It's not.  The company, in all their wisdom, seem to change their mind on a single day like the seasons in Ireland.

So here I am, two days away from the bid import, feeling like my world is once again crumbling around me.  Everything is uncertain, everything is changing, and it seems to only takes one little thing to set me off.  Yes, I may have ran to my room and slammed the door once already today.  I'm sorry.  (Completely unrelated, but like I said, any minor trigger.)

Yet again, a black cloud of uncertainty hangs over my being able to stay in Brisbane.  Yes, the company is still offering me twelve months, but now they have changed it to "we will pay for flights but you pay for accommodation - oh and you won't get allowances either."  So, double whammy of extra $$$ needed for hotels in both Sydney and Canberra, and also no $$$ from the company in overnight allowances to help pay for them.  Great deal, guys.

Which of course begs the question - what can I actually afford?  Or do I cut my losses and accept the other job offer with the pay cut?  Or do I completely cut my losses and leave Australia?  

Lily, of course, came straight to me for cuddles and licked away the tears after I found out about it today.  She is the best.  And now, after sending off lots of angry emails and having a nice long shower, I feel a little more stable emotionally - although with absolutely no clue what to do.  

By the way, bids close at 0700 Monday morning, so apparently I have to decide by then.

Oh, and they only sent out this latest email at 0700 this morning.

Two days.  Thanks, guys.

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