Thursday, April 13, 2017


15k on my new bike, which I have decided to name Pearl.  She is a nice matte grey with pink accents, and reminds me of mother of pearl in the right light.  The ride took 45 minutes and was perfect to blow the cobwebs away.  So nice, no distractions, no noise, cycling along to Kippa Ring.  I didn't stop to take photos, sorry.

For some reason it doesn't want to upload a photo right now so you will have to hold Pearl in your imagination.

In other news, Tuesday is my first job interview in five years... Wednesday is my company assessment day for a jet spot (don't ask, apparently us ATR drivers aren't real pilots) and I'm not looking forward to either day.  Oh well, here goes!

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  1. Looking forward to hearing what happens on Tues and Wed and a photo of this new bike and I thought you were un-biking?