Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Did you know that if you eat All the Doughnuts and then go to bed, you can barely even keep your head on the pillow with the buzz?  That's right.  Sleep is far far far away... other news, today I hit my dog and locked her in the bedroom twice, and then proceeded to forget about her, twice.  Mother of the year award?

Some people came over to buy something and Lily gets crazily excited when things like that happen, so I scooched herself into the bedroom and closed the door.  After dealing with my customers I went back inside, chatted to H for awhile and sat down at the table.  Presently: "have you seen Lily?"  H: "you locked her in your bedroom!"  Me: "OMG!!!" 

Soon after, a different person came over, this time to sell me something so I followed the same routine.  Surprisingly, I didn't learn from my mistake, and some time later, having eaten multiple doughnuts, chatted to multiple people and started feeling slightly sick, I realised the dog was missing.  Oops. 

Then going to rescue her from my room, I brought her out to see a very large mosquito hovering in front of me - so I swatted it.  In her face.  *embarrassment*

She is a very long suffering dog.

In OTHER news, my manager called me tonight and said I can stay here for a year.  Huzzah for that!  After that it looks like a move to Melbourne: but now the pressure is off and I have plenty of time to prepare.  Assuming, of course, that he doesn't renege on that next time I see him.

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