Friday, June 17, 2016

A day down South

The fields are frosted and misty, it's -3 degrees outside (but warmer in the flight deck now that we've started the engines) and the fog is beginning to roll over the aerodromes boundary.  Having de-iced, we're ready to depart and we beat the fog out, climbing away as the sun rises with us turning the iced landscape to gold.  Despite the chill on the ground, it's a clear and still day to be flying, and I'm glad to be awake today.

As we approach our destination, the silver fields give way to the blue of the mountains, pools of fog lying stolidly in the valleys, soon to be burnt away by the rising sun.  

Closer in, civilisation becomes apparent, and before long, the city stretches ahead of us, the airport's peninsulas showing black against the silvery gold of the bay.  

We fly overhead for a wide right circuit, paralleling a heavy landing on the other runway.  It's warmer here, at 11 degrees, but the air is still and gentle on the approach.  We land and begin the long taxi through the airport to our bay, and then stop to wait for another aircraft to vacate our bay.  

Finally we've arrived, the engines shut down, the passengers disembark and we prepare to do it all again.

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