Sunday, June 26, 2016

The last few days

The last few days have been bitterly cold, and I don't think I'm exaggerating.  At night it has dropped below five degrees, which to me in any country means cold.  Even Lily has rugged up.

On Saturday night I enjoyed a bonfire night with friends from church, and we sat on an old couch (relatively comfy) and an air mattress (not very comfy as the air kept leaking from it so we ended up sitting on the very cold ground) around the bonfire, trying to keep warm while cooking giant marshmallows (thanks, Aldi) to make s'mores.

as you can see, we took "wrapping up" very seriously

Yesterday was the monthly club shoot, as the previous one got rained out.  The whole range flooded a couple of weekends ago, so some of the targets had to be moved and paths re-established.  There was still a lot of water in the creeks, but the guys did a lot of work on the range on Saturday to clean it up for the shoot.  I didn't attend the working bee as I had a birthday party to go to!

At half time, when I was still shooting well (it went downhill in the second half as I got tired!) I was presented with last year's trophy (First Place, Women's C Grade) which I missed out on because of a secretarial error.  Quite a surprise - and I must say, a first place trophy doesn't really have the same feel to it when I'm pretty sure I was the only one qualifying in my category!


It was nice to finally (after over two years in the club) get to wear my club shirt, although it was so cold yesterday that I had to wear a sweater underneath it.

The birthday party on Saturday was for my friend's four year old son's birthday, and it was less interesting than I would have preferred.  That said, I had a fair idea that it wasn't going to be much fun - I'm also pretty sure that I'm only invited to such parties because I'll bring a present - as will every adult invited.  We stood around in the very cold wind and exchanged pleasantries, and I held Lily (who was invited also!) for the majority of the time as she cried pitifully every time I put her down, shivering with the cold.

pathetic little puppy in her Kmart hoodie

We then popped in to Kurt's parents' house to say hi, as Luke wanted to give Lily cuddles, and I haven't seen them in a while.  It was nice to catch up, and Lily played with the cat and stole Odo's bed.

Then we came home for a quick nap before I left for the bonfire night - leaving Lily at home in the relative warmth.

Today I have Gatsby for the day, and he and Lily are running around outside growling at each other and getting thoroughly muddy - and tracking SO MUCH MUD INTO MY HOUSE *cries*

Here's a picture of some of the muddy feet that are destroying my floors.


And now, I'm about to go out to breakfast with Elise, who is a pilot from work, and leave the puppies to their evil ways - locked inside so hopefully no more mud (other than the existing mud, which will just have to remain until Gatsby leaves tonight).

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