Friday, June 17, 2016

Having come back from "down South" with a head cold and a hearty appreciation for all the warmth of Queensland, I've been determined to stay warm and shake this thing off.  I spent the entire day yesterday in a hotel (staying warm) kicking my heels waiting to fly home, and once home, had to traipse off to Ferny Grove (30 minutes west) to pick up my puppy dog.  

She was adorably happy to see me, and proceeded to sleep the entire way home and then curl up beside me and continue sleeping when we got home, clearly exhausted by the ever-energetic Gatsby!  

(apparently this position is comfortable)

(she lay like this for a good two hours...)

I went to bed at a reasonable time, as sleep is another of my tools to defeat this lurgy, and was just drifting off to sleep when a combination of choking to death on phlegm (you're welcome) and loud shouting, whistling and screaming woke me up.  It took awhile for me to decide to get up to investigate, but finally I dragged myself upright to peer out of the window.

Cue at least ten police officers, three patrol cars, a police van, and a crowd of teenagers, some sitting, some milling around: wow.  Apparently there had been some sort of punch up, as one boy had a swollen face (or so I heard).  Eventually they were all sent packing to the train station and the police began to disperse: it being after midnight by now and I being truly awake, I realised that I was too hungry and too coldy to sleep, so I went downstairs and had an early breakfast (lol) so that I could load up on supplements like Vit C + magnesium (not to be taken on an empty stomach!)

This morning I've gotten up early to get ready to head to Chermside, as I have a Genius Bar appointment for my sickly laptop (still) and also have to transfer huge amounts of money to my builder. The finance approval finally came through for the loan so it's all go! 

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  1. Weird dog pics... Hope you'll be feeling somewhen soon