Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tech Troubles

Well, the last few days have been interesting, and not necessarily in a good way.  Since I got my MacBook fixed a month ago, it has been running even slower than usual, refusing to function for even the simplest of tasks, so finally on Saturday morning I booked a Genius Bar appointment at the Apple Store to get it fixed.  

The Apple technician worked with me for a good hour trying to get the problem solved, and finally I left it with him to continue working while I went to the bank to transfer money to my builder.  Unfortunately the bank at the shopping centre was closed for refurbishment, so I had to go to the Aspley store, only to find that it wasn't open on Saturdays so I then had to go to Stafford, beginning to worry a little as the bank is only open until 12 on Saturdays - thankfully I made it in time.

I rushed back to the Apple Store, rather late, to find out they were still working on my machine (3 hours in), and thought it was an issue with my operating system.  Seeing that I had most of my files backed up on my hard drive I agreed to erase it and reinstall the operating system.  Unfortunately, this didn't fix it so my Mac had to be admitted to hospital for the night.

That evening, I went out into the city for a birthday party, coming home late via taxi, only to discover when I got home that my phone was missing.  Frantically trying to contact friends on Facebook (via my one remaining electronic device, my iPad) so that they could call the venue to see if it was still there.

Finally, having had no luck, Sunday morning I headed back to the Apple Store to see if I could get a new phone.  I had been intending to get a new one at some point given how weak my 5's battery had become, but not like this!  I realised that the backup I had done (and indeed my previous backups) had all been erased with my macbook's operating system the day before...

I also had to email crewing to ask them to contact me via email if they had a duty for me that afternoon as I was on reserve !

Keeping my iPad close to me so that I could check my email every ten minutes proved highly inconvenient while I was trying to sort out my phone - and intermittently my MacBook - this process ended up taking over 3 hours !  Thankfully all of my contacts and calendars were backed up on iCloud so they transferred over remotely to my new device.  

As soon as I got home I emailed all of the cab companies (as having hailed my cab on the street I was unsure which I had taken) and called the venue again, but no luck.  6000 photos... Bah.  

While I was instore, we did manage to work out that one of my ram 'thingies' (for want of a better name) had come loose from its port causing the crazily slow running!  Oh how I wish this had been obvious at the beginning so as to prevent the erase...

I'm glad that I have posted photos on this blog and also have photos from Facebook to look back on, unfortunately all of my messages, music and apps have gone as well.  I got my MacBook back yesterday and it will be good to see what I do have on the external hard drive - I have not yet looked as it's depressing to have to boot up yet another empty device as I've been trying to set up my phone as I had it ! 

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  1. I am so sorry for you. Not much help for the past but can I suggest you obtain separate backup storage e.g. external USB hard disk, or simply a large SD card (64Gbyte not v expensive now), and/or backup to cloud can recommend free DropBox