Friday, July 1, 2016

Quick Update

I'm currently sitting in my friend's house waiting for her to finish work - not entirely alone because I have the company of Skittles, Taco, Oreo and Parrot (two dogs and two cats).  I had a short nap, terminated by Skittles deciding it was a good idea to bark insanely at nothing in particular : for two hours.  Well done, Skittles.

I feel quite animal-centric at the moment, having looked after my dog-sitter's dog on Tuesday, and J's dog on Thursday: much to the detriment of my floors and the annoyance of Lily! 

In other news, my dishwasher has broken - meaning I have a dishwasher full of dirty (and potentially putrid) dishes waiting for me to get back from my four-day trip - I noticed it hadn't run (second attempt) about 2 minutes before having to head out of the door, so no chance to clean them by hand! 

In other other news, my July/August roster has been published and I officially am on Annual Leave!  It feels ever so close to be actually on the roster.  I have just over two weeks to go, and plenty to do (including plenty of Lily cuddling) in that time.

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