Friday, July 8, 2016

One week and two days until I leave for Ireland.  It is getting almost horrifically close and I feel very disorganised.

I have organised accomodation for the dog, although I'm not sure how I feel about five weeks without her.  I also have just one more overnight rostered before I leave.  I then have have two lunch dates, a coffee date, an engagement party, plenty of shopping and of course the inevitable packing.

What was I thinking?  

Thankfully, everything seems to be underway for the new house, although I am still waiting for covenant approval (to ensure the house meets the developers' guidelines).  I have chosen all my colours and tiles - oh the stress of wondering whether I (lowly me) made the right choices!

I'm currently on an overnight, writing a list of Things Future Kate Needs To Do, like travel insurance, and wondering how much procrastination I can get away with before having to get it done!

My flight leaves in the evening of the 17th, so I will hopefully drop Lily off late afternoon and then probably catch my very first uber to the airport: exciting!  

For now... I will continue the list writing and procrastinating... And see how I go.


  1. Sooo excited about having you here! Yay!

  2. You can of course have Meg in bed with you. You could even move out of the guest room and kip down in the kennel - I believe there is room for a small human as well as a dog and there is an en-suite human-loo a few metres away.
    Looking forward to see you, Meg or not!