Thursday, July 14, 2016


I almost upgraded myself to business class on the first 15h flight home.  I've been considering it for days, just spend the money and get some sleep, the insidious voice inside me said.

Then of course, this morning, my washing machine decided that its door didn't want to close any more - so I did what I did last time, and fiddled around in its latch with a screwdriver, except that this time it said no, and no, thanks, and I'm just going to break entirely, and that was that. 

So now I'm sitting in the laundromat, watching my duvet cover go round and round and round - I had to complete the process as it got wet and soapy - and considering the inevitable, which is to buy a new washing machine.  I did get the last one from a friend for fifty bucks so I can't really complain too loudly.


The packing is very almost finished, I have a little last minute shopping, as my very needy mother needs some Japanese tape (?) and I need snacks for the trip (I don't eat airline food).

I'm enjoying my last couple of days with Lily.  She got a professional haircut yesterday to last her the time that I'm away, and now she looks naked.  And of course very unimpressed by the bows they put in her hair.

Last night I met up with a couple of friends and we walked along the shoreline in Brighton, myself, two friends with a dog each, and a friend with a snake, as he said he felt left out as everybody else was bringing a pet.

I swapped Lily for the snake.

 (It's head was slithering over my shoulder - a bid for escape?)

But then Lily started crying so I gave in and swapped back.

It was a very cool snake.  I've never held a snake before and it was much warmer and fleshy than I expected it to be.

Then we went to a fish and chip shop and had a very nice dinner of cod and chips - if anyone wants to visit me, I'd be happy to take you to Brighton for fish and chips.

Today I am on reserve, and it's my last day before five weeks' leave, and I haven't got a call yet, and that's awesome, because I'm in holiday mode (chocolate for breakfast, yay!) and I now need to go buy a washing machine...

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