Thursday, January 5, 2017

Rocky running

I'm in Rocky, it's pouring with rain, it poured earlier while I was getting ready for my run and then it stopped so I ran, and I just made it back to the hotel before it started again.

Apparently there's a flood warning - maybe it'll flood the airport and we'll get stuck up here tomorrow!  That would be better than an 11h15 shift.

I ran down to the Fitzroy River and then left along the river bank to the railway bridge, over the bridge (there's a walkway) and then right along the river again until the footpath ended, and then back to the bridge.  Despite wanting to do a full loop I was a little concerned about getting lost.

It was 5k back across the bridge and so I stopped to take some photos before walking home.

The Fitzroy

The train bridge. 

Note to all: don't swim in the Fitzroy, there may be crocodiles, especially in the summer!  Sadly, I saw none.

I am back in my hotel room now slumped across the bed waiting to cool down before I can shower, and listening to the rain pelting down outside.  It was pretty murky flying conditions today too - lots of rain and lots of bumps.

Britta just sent me a photo of Lily in the dog park.  Playing, you would think.  Nope, cuddling while she waits for Gatsby to finish playing so that they can go home.  Dumb dog.


She has been decidedly more cuddly since her hospital trip and less energetic.

Oh yes and I found this photo of when we brought her home:


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  1. Crocodiles noted. I shall not swim in the Fitzroy. Ever. But the bridge looks cool, I'd like to run across - especially if there was a train at hand.