Monday, January 16, 2017

Vegan me

My dog is not a vegan.  I know this for a fact, because we went to a vegan cafe yesterday and she was quite unimpressed.  It's the in thing nowadays, you know, to go to vegan places.  There's Moo Free Burgers which are all different types of veggie burgers - no bacon in sight - and then there's Charlie's Raw Squeeze which is all sorts of juices and smoothies and vegan gelatos. 

Last time I was coerced into going to Moo Free Burgers (hopefully the only time) I prepared in advance by having a large juicy steak at the house.  This time, I decided to have a vegan gelato, choosing the fruit version as I thought that "Vegan Whipped Cream" and "Vegan Chocolate" looked a little bit dodgy.  It was still only chopped fruit on a little bit of very runny white gelato which tasted distinctly of coconut, and it cost me $10.  I'm sorry but I could do a much better job at home!

I am considering buying an ice cream maker for such things.  On principle alone.

I tried to feed Lily some orange and she stuck her nose in the air and refused to go near it.  When I said "Eat" she grabbed it in her mouth and then spat it out in disgust, horrified with me for tricking her in such dastardly fashion.


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