Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Housewarming

Apparently I haven't blogged about the housewarming, but I'm not quite sure what you want me to say!  It was an amazing night, over twenty people turned up although there were lots of last minute no shows also.  People seemed to gravitate into a "work group" and a "church group" with a few tagger-onners in each.

I tried to flit between groups a lot but in general just had a good time and hung out.  I definitely overcatered as there was a lot of food left over!  The freezer is now well stocked up with burgers.  Basically there were burgers, sausages (Aussie beef and Irish pork - the butcher I found is Irish - not quite Denny's or Superquinn but pretty good), all the trimmings, and icecream for afters. 

I had a fire pit ready to go but it ended up raining all evening so that didn't happen - we still had a great time without it and I will simply save the wood for next time.

I shooed the last person away just after 0400 and pretty much fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, waking up grumpily at around 0730 due to people crashing around my house like the more noise they made the better their life would be.  I didn't get rid of the sleeper-over-ers until lunch time and then napped all afternoon!

I also think I got bitten by every mosquito in SE QLD, despite bug spray and lots of citronella burners around the place!

The house was remarkably clean and tidy after the party, Kara did a lot of clean up for me which was appreciated, and I guess I just have tidy friends!  It didn't take too long on Sunday to make it back to normal.

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