Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Yes, I know, I haven't blogged, and I have been reminded about this. I guess I've been busy... ish... well it depends what you class as "busy".  If busy is being away at work with hours and hours spent in hotel rooms with not much excuse not to blog except "I don't feel like it", then I've been pretty flat out.

I've just spent one day at home between my 4 and 3 day trips for this week(ish), and blogging was far from my mind.  Instead, I made beef vindaloo and fresh bread (which I sort of invented the recipe for, and could have done with more rising time), I treated the garden with some anti-grub solution, I went grocery shopping, and spent a large amount of time reading books and cuddling Lily.  Oh, and laundry.  But not blogging.  Sorry folks.

But now it's the next day, I'm getting ready for work - which involves completely forgetting the eggs that were boiling on the stove.  I just realised as I wrote this, and as I have watered the garden, had a bath, made packed lunches and had breakfast since I put the eggs on, they have now boiled dry and I have decided that they are not fit for human consumption.  

The next batch of eggs have been put on the stove with a timer set on my phone.  You're welcome.

My neck/shoulder is quite sore this morning, hence the bath, and I'm trying to loosen it out before I sign on as I really don't want to take yet another sick day for the stupid thing.  Lily was not impressed by the bath.  I think she thought I was going to drown.


She is being ever so clingy this morning - more so than usual - do you think she knows I'm going away again?

That said, I really should manoeuvre myself off the couch and pack, iron a shirt, take the eggs off the stove, that sort of thing.

Ciao all! 

PS I go to sim on the 12th so there's another excuse for me not to blog: I have to study, right?  Or at least pretend that I am, in between Netflix and Facebook??

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