Wednesday, February 1, 2017


I'm home sick, again, not to be confused with homesick, although potentially I could be a bit of that too.  My neck's been playing up again, and realistically when it "went" yesterday morning I should have pulled the plug on my duty, but I thought it was getting better so I didn't.  And it didn't.  And I survived the night at the hotel - with plenty of ice - and I just about survived the flight home - but only just - and then popped in to see the work physio, who wasn't my normal physio but who was available.  And he wasn't too impressed and said "go home" and "no you can't drive" and told my manager more of the same, so they gave me cab vouchers via the doctor.  I got lots of nice pain meds from the doctor and then realised I left my keys at the airport (as I left my bags there) so I had to cab back to the airport and then home and about $125 later I made it.  Except I don't have to pay, despite admitting it was All My Fault, so that's nice.  

The only non nice part of it is the lack of Lily at my house - as she of course is at the dogsitter, and as my car is at the airport, it's rather impossible to get her here.  Unless one of my friends volunteers to go get her which hasn't happened yet, and I feel embarrassed to ask.  Oh yeah the other non nice bit is the pain but the lovely medication seems to be working somewhat so I'm feeling a little better already.  

And now I have a long weekend of not working stretching out ahead of me - and I'm hoping that with lots of TLC I feel better tomorrow so, maybe I can actually have fun while I'm off sick?!  Hurrah! 

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