Saturday, February 25, 2017

More Fountain

For my father, and o the delight of my eyes, who does not understand how fruit and chocolate can combine, I respond with this: what about raspberry coulis and chocolate mousse?  Frozen bananas coated with chocolate?  You can even buy strawberries coated with chocolate, also strawberry cremes, orange cremes, etc.  Over here "snack" Cadbury's also contains a pineapple creme.  I have to agree though: not all fruit works with chocolate.

On offer were mango, pineapple, kiwi, strawberries and banana.  I tried them all except for pineapple and certainly did not enjoy the mango or kiwi with the chocolate.  On the other hand, the strawberries were amazing and the banana a close second.  The marshmallows?  Well, except for the fact that they soon made me feel ill, the marshmallows were divine dipped in the chocolate fountain.

As far as the workings of the fountain are concerned, I bought 6x 350g family bars of chocolate.  Two were ruined by the cooking process, which left 1400g of chocolate.  We poured all of this into the fountain, switching it on half way through to make space for the remainder.  The fountain plugs into the wall, and has a motor inside it.  The chocolate climbs the inside of the fountain and gently pours out of the top.  Here are some of the parts.


The circles clip on to the tube like so

The corkscrew is then inserted into the tube and attached to the base (and motor) 

Sorry, I don't have a photo of the base.  It was, however, absolutely horrible to clean as the chocolate was like glue, even with very hot water.  I ended up putting all the detachable parts in my dishwasher which is why they are still here, and S took the base home.

Definitely an "occasional" with the amount of work involved! 

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