Friday, February 3, 2017

Home time

How very nice it is to have the small dog home, despite it waking me up this morning needing (demanding) cuddles.  Which actually was totally ok with me because I missed her so the night before!


She is such an amazingly cuddly dog, more like a soft toy than a real creature!  Yes, this was a totally posed picture, no, she didn't really sleep like that.

Yesterday I went to physio again for my neck, and got it loosened up a bit more.  I'm signed off until Monday so that gives me another couple of days to get to the 100% mark.

In the meantime I shall mosey around the house, potentially get frustrated at the state of the lawn - I really need to mow it - and slightly frustrated about how fluffy the Lily is - she needs a trim.  

Oh in other news, she doesn't like kangaroo.  Britta suggested the meat as an alternative to chicken as it is also low fat... I made her up a bowl of kangaroo and peas and she looked at me like I had two heads.  I tried it raw, cooked, no luck.  She did decide to bring one cube into the media room, lick it on the carpet and then proceed to rub her face all over the carpet in disgust!

In other news there is no other news, so I shall now get back to studying for the sim! 

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