Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Fish and Chips

There's a British fish and chip shop about five minutes from my house, and as I have been here for two months already, it was time to check it out.  A friend was over (you know who you are) and was keen, so off we went.  Obviously being a polite sort of human bean I asked my housemate if he wanted anything.  Grilled fish with lemon pepper.  I loudly expressed my doubts that a British chippy would have anything of the sort but he was determined.  Right-o then.

We arrived.


Lots and lots of deep fat fryers.  Not much else.  I was horrifically embarrassed but forced myself to do my duty, explaining that it wasn't for me, and I was very very sorry but... did they do grilled fish?

The reaction was as expected.  In short, also as expected, no.  So the housemate was informed and chose the "lesser evil" of "lightly battered".

Australians, I ask you.  At least he agreed to salt and vinegar on the chips.

They had some Irish/British goods there too and much to my delight, Rodda's clotted cream: and if my father should ever need it - the inevitable Germoline!

The fish and chips were pretty good - although VERY greasy, and the battered sausage was excellent.  I may be back - but not quite yet as I think my body needs time to digest all the oil.

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