Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Take III

This is blog post Take III.  I've started it twice before, and it never got to the publish point.  Now that I do have a photo of the new living space, maybe I'll let this one stand. 


Last night, L, one of the new cadets, and I went rock climbing.  It was weird being back at Rocksports after so long, and with different people, but it was fun also.  I stuck to the easy climbs, and stopped before the others as my neck got a little sore.  I'm such a responsible adult...  I did however manage to do one of the overhang (upside down) climbs so I was pretty happy.  Also, Lily came, and she was a hit with everyone there.  I think we will make this a regular occurrence! 

I've also realised it's once again months since I went shooting, so I need to get my act in gear and get back into archery.  For one, my bow needs resighting.

Tonight, I'm having friends around for board games and food - including a chocolate fountain - so that will be fun.  I do however feel like I've had people over every day since sim, so after tonight I think I'll take a breather for a few days!  I've been in quite a spring cleaning mode the last couple of days so at least there's no prep to do for the party tonight!

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