Thursday, July 6, 2017

Type rating progress

Well, it feels like this TR has been going forever, and it is not even the end of week 1!  I have just completed CBT (computer based training) which technically finishes tomorrow so I have an extra day to review before the systems exam on Monday.

Unlike the previous course, who had an entire week before their first fixed base sim, ours was rostered on day 2 this first week, so we are about to go in to our third session.  Mind you, we have had zero time to prepare as all our energy has been spent on our systems.  Thankfully, our latest instructor actually teaches us rather than expects us to know things to begin with.

Tomorrow is the last fixed base sim for the week and then we will go home early so we can review at home: much nicer than in the training centre environment, and it means I can eat popcorn while I prep.  Ha!

Saturday I hope to make an explore-Switzerland day, to be followed up by one more day of review.

It does seem to be dragging on awfully: I'm not really a studying sort of human bean.

PS, on the subject of beans, the sim centre is a veritable rabbit warren of corridors, stairs, elevators, and about six different buildings to boot.  Unfortunately, unlike the Battle School, the LAT buildings do not have light up stripes on the walls to show me where to go.  

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