Friday, June 30, 2017

Switzerland Day 1

My first impression of Switzerland is that everything costs money.  It may just be the hotel, but wow.  Our hotel rooms are paid for, but then the hotel charges a 2.50CHF city tax per day for staying in the room.  I got up this morning to make coffee... no kettle.  Called downstairs and was told it would be 6CHF per day to hire a kettle.  What?  Does that come with tea, coffee, milk and a mug, or is there a separate tax for each?  I thankfully brought my own coffee and French press, so went to reception to fill up with hot water... only to come back to the room and realise there was no mug.  I am resorting to drinking coffee out of a Heineken glass.

In an hour or so I will be making my way to the airport to buy a SIM card as the wifi here cuts in and out every minute or so, and I want to explore the city and feel I would get lost without my phone!  

View from the hotel window

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  1. Looking at all those Lily pics made me feel sad (kind of for both of you) too. And as for the view from your hotel bedroom - I thought this was Switzerland, mountains and cows with bells on and ski lifts and wot not...? Looks more like a London suburb.