Friday, June 16, 2017


Yesterday I got to cuddle all the goat babies and it was like the cutest thing since sliced bread which is pretty cute, y'all.



E says I really should say the cutest thing since Lily, because Lily is obviously the cutest thing since sliced bread, which is of course true.  

I haven't updated the blog for almost a million years, and for that I am sorry.  I've been keeping people on Facebook informed about baby A, who is doing well considering everything.  He has lost 2.5 fingers on his left hand which is pretty tragic but everything else seems to be healing well and he is such an upbeat little kid despite it all.


Also, on the job front, I am approaching my very last week ever with my current airline which is both exciting and completely terrifying.  I took the other job, which is a direct entry command on the Embraer 145.  Well, Embraer 135LR, 135KL and soon to be 145XR which are the new ones.  The LRs are the smallest with only 36 seats and the XRs have around 50 depending on the particular configuration we get.  All smaller than my current aircraft but it's a) completely different b) a challenge and c) not my current company which I think are all positives.   

I start the new job on the 26th June and then head to Zurich for the type rating around the 30th, expecting to be away for around 6 weeks, including a few days in Ireland at the end.

It's amazing how much there is to do when one gets a new job.  So many things to return, so much paperwork to fill out both for the old and the new, and the list just goes on.  At least it is mostly keeping me busy so my brain doesn't get to think too much.  That said, I think the hardest couple of weeks - the parents will vouch for this as they were here - were when I had to actually make the decision.  Once the decision was made, the weight off my shoulders was such a relief.  Now and then I have a momentary panic that maybe it won't work out, but in general I think I made the right choice.

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