Saturday, June 17, 2017

Father's Day

"O my Father, and O the delight of my eyes..."


Frankly, I couldn't ask for a better one.  As Father's Day looms on a different day every year, and is celebrated in AUS at an entirely different time, I'm completely unprepared as always, hence the post.

So here are some things I appreciate about my father.

He's kind
He listens
He is the most selfless person I know
He is generous
He is loving
He loves Lily
And me
He sticks to his guns (barefoot running) even when people laugh at him 
He loves my Lily
He can fix just about anything - and will do so, willingly
He can look after goats even though he doesn't like to
He bought me my first flying lesson (sorry Mum, but it was Dad's idea)
He is honest
He is humble
He is a terribly picky eater just like his favourite daughter


I could keep going on but I have to get ready for Church, so maybe I shall write more later.

Suffice it to say, I have the best dad, I love him to the moon and back and appreciate him so so so very much.


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  1. awwww this is so lovely! He is the best dad, I agree!!!