Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The End of an Era

That's all, folks.  Other than a couple of reserves, my ATR days are done.  It is bitter-sweet, I am both excited and terrified of starting all over again... so much unknown... but the excitement is definitely the bigger feeling.  I am sad to be leaving the people I have flown with the last five years, and sad to be leaving an aircraft that has been home for over nine.  

Some people hate the ATR, for me it has been pretty much all I've known, and we have had good times.  I won't miss the company, and that's okay.  I'm having a leaving party on Thursday (tomorrow) for some pilots and that will be fun. 

Yesterday was my last rostered duty, and in honour of that, and because I'm leaving and because it really doesn't matter if people know where I worked any more, here are some pics.

After my last landing in to Brisbane on an ATR

The last overnight

Me (a couple of months ago)

Sunrise in Brisbane

Landing on 14 in Brisbane 

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  1. My heart does out to you, dear Kate at this both scary and exciting time. But I rather think you will take it all in your stride, and will excel. Don't choose anything less than to excel (I keep telling myself this but don't always listen!).