Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Good evening, blogworthy friends.  Let's see, what can I update you all on from the last 5 days?  It actually is a slight problem that I can't actually remember what I did over the last 5 days.  I expect it involved flying, and I do remember receiving a parcel from Alaska which was greatly appreciated!  Now I must make cranberry and chocolate chip cookies!  *DROOLS*  My niece Olivia drew me two awesome pictures, and the earrings are lovely.  There, a public thank-you, to be followed by a personalised thank-you of course :)

Today, I built shelves.  I feel very proud of myself due to this, although I do keep peeking into the bedroom to see whether they have collapsed yet.  They are IKEA shelves, and okay fine, I just assembled them, not really built them but hey, I did it myself, right?  That's all I did today, other than the drive to IKEA to buy the shelves, but that goes without saying, except I just did, so it doesn't, really.

Yesterday, I ferried an empty aircraft from Sydney, which took about 11 hours, despite the actual flight only taking 2 hours.  This due to the fact that engineers (or crewing, or both crewing and engineers combined) always say an aircraft is going to be ready at a certain time, and then it's not, and so on...

The day before yesterday merges into hazy lack of memories... but I suspect it involved hotel rooms and more aircraft.  Looking at my roster report, I see that I am correct.  I was in Townsville, apparently, the land of steak and ribs and beer and airplanes.  Not a bad mix, really.  Well, the steak and the ribs and the beer mix pretty well, and the airplanes sort of have to sit at the end of the sentence all on their lonesome or else there is Trouble.

Tomorrow, I'm being sent back to Townsville.  Actually out of all of the overnights, Townsville is my favourite.  It's a pretty town, despite it's weird nonsensical name, and has lots of nice restaurants to choose from.  The hotel is good, and apparently there's a hill to climb up, a bit like the Bluff in AK.  I haven't climbed up it, obviously, because I have allergies to climbing up hills.

Saturday, I get to come back to Brisbane, and am meeting up with a bunch of my International friends, for a sort of catch-up.  Everyone's invited, but won't find out until the night who actually comes!  (ooo the excitement)   Then on Sunday, I head off to Rockhampton for a couple of days.

Given that I have just described what I'm going to be doing for the next week as well, I guess I won't need to update this?

Okay, I will, if anything happens that I haven't listed.


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