Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Today, I slept on the beach.  It was quite nice, actually, lying on a nice beach towel in the sun, the sand digging a perfect groove for my face, and the wind keeping me cool.  Yes, for those who care, I was wearing a massive amount of sunscreen, and also a considerable number of clothes for sun-protection.  'Cause I know you're already tut-tutting at me.

Today, I had a surf lesson with MB.  We decided to do this - well I decided, and he agreed - as it's getting a little tiresome renting surfboards and then ending up clinging to the bottom of them defiantly as the waves throw themselves at you determined to separate you from the board.  The lesson wasn't particularly cheap but lasted 90 minutes and I think we picked up a lot of technique from it.  No, we're not amazing surfers now, but hopefully next time we rent boards we can build on what we have learnt!

Tomorrow, I head to Canberra for another overnight, hopefully it will be warmer than last time, as apparently it's heating up pretty quick there.  It is such a strange climate - bitterly cold in the winter and unbearably hot in the summer, apparently only a couple of months in-between that are actually pleasant, yet the Australians choose to have it as their Capital.  Strange people.

Anyway, having just showered remarkably large quantities of sand off myself, I must now go to dry my hair as I am beginning to fade, despite sleeping on the beach earlier!

Oh yeah, and as an aside, the first attempt of using zinc on my face instead of normal sunscreen seems to have been pretty successful.  The surf instructor, whose name was Jake, just in case you wanted to know, had some tan-coloured zinc that looked like foundation, and was extremely effective, so now I'm going to try to get some of that!


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