Saturday, October 27, 2012

It's spring-cleaning day - for everyone other than me, that is.  J is downstairs in the basement, having suddenly felt an urge to clean it out, braving the dangers of spider and snake, trying to turn the place into something useable.  Perhaps I'll take some photos one day as proof.  S has been cleaning out her little granny flat, and all the while I sit upstairs watching Hotel Babylon on youtube.  Such a useful person I am.  One of these days I might even clean my room - but not today.  I did my logbook - does that count as spring-cleaning?

I met up with a couple of the female Ozzie pilots for lunch, who aren't actually Ozzie, but Kiwi, which is a bit like calling the Irish English... whoops.  After lunch, I lay down for a while as I got up this morning with a bone in my neck, and even Neurofen Plus wasn't particularly helpful.  This is also a particularly good excuse for not helping with the spring-cleaning - not that I need an excuse to be lazy, of course.

Tonight I'm supposed to be going out socialising... but I'm still sitting inside in my shorts 'n' tee, unmotivated but at least I'm up to date with the logbook... yes, on a Saturday night, aren't I the most amazing person ever?  Hmm.

Anyway I suppose I ought to make myself presentable just in case I do go out...


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