Thursday, November 1, 2012

That was October, and that makes 6 months in Australia.  Can you believe it?  I definitely can't.  It seems incredible, and it still doesn't really register that I live here.  Every few days I say to someone "do I really live in Australia?"  I lie on the beach and squeeze the sand through my fingers and say: "this is Australia!"

Would you like some flying pictures?  Maybe I'll share some with you, how's that?  You can share some of my Australian experience from the air.  In October I managed 80 hours with the legal maximum being 100 so that's pretty high for me - lots of work - and thankfully the more I work the more I get paid :)

This is on the approach into Sydney, a Qantas airbus thingy (don't ask me what, I don't fly 'em so I don't know) landing to the parallel runway.

Here is it again.... and a strange part of the propeller

This is a dinosaur shaped lake.  Random, I know.

This is the lake flying out of Albury.  So so green, it's like flying over Wicklow!  I love it.

This is on the departure out of Sydney, to the North, you can see the Opera House and stuff.

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  1. Great pictures and yes, I really am interested in what Oz looks like from the air. Love the dino!