Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I'm sitting outside a bar, Sydney's Opera House to my right, a cruise liner patheticly named 'Rhapsody of the Seas' in front of me, waiting for my fish and chips.

I'm not sure I even want fish and chips, but I couldn't see anything else that i wanted to order so... yeah.

This morning I paxed from Canberra to Sydney, and then I got the train to circular quay. Why? Well, what better way to spend a day in Sydney?

My 3 day trip having morphed into a 6 day trip, it's nice just to kick back and relax, even though I'm missing Queensland a bit! Tomorrow is back to Canberra and then they're allowing me home for a couple of days.

Fish and chips have just arrived, so on that note, TTFN!

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