Sunday, November 18, 2012

Storms again

Today was flying, and tracking about 50 miles off course due to the thunderstorms. We ended up taking an entirely different routing which sent us over the CBD, from the West, rather than flying down the coast from the North. It was pretty amazing as the towering cumulus was mushrooming in front of our eyes, defeating the measly climb power of the aircraft, and making a previously clear route impossible a few times. McDaniel (not his real name) commented that these would often out climb a jet, let alone a turboprop. For the sake of your ears, I suggest that you watch the following video muted. Unless you want to share the sound of the aircraft. This video isn't great, but was taken at 25,000ft (our ceiling) to show some of the TCU.

This is the CBD from the West, with the airport in the top left of the photo.

This is a typically anvil shaped CB

Some more TCU

lots of storm clouds and developing storm clouds

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