Thursday, November 22, 2012

Mangoes etc

I think somebody died in my bedroom.  Today is clean the house day, and my bedroom is high on the list.  The door is closed... warning people of the horror that will face them if they step across the threshold (it is usually left open due to the heat).  I was up at the Sunshine Coast yesterday, with Celine and her family (oodles and oodles of baby chubbness), and I left bright and early this morning to get home to tidy and clean.

Except... I got distracted halfway home, and bought eight mangoes.  I think I went a little over the top considering that tomorrow morning I am heading off on a three day trip to Canberra, and the mangoes were so ripe that juice was oozing straight out of the bags onto the countertop.

First, I pureed three, and made them into ice lollies.  No added sugar, no added water, just pure mango pulp, and obviously I helped myself to lots of spare puree, and despite being full to the gills with mango, I can't wait until they're frozen.  Surely that used all of the mango?  Nope, I still had five left.  So I ate one.  That didn't really help, as I still had four...

So... I made spiced mango chutney and mango conserve (not really jam, as it has very little sugar to mango ratio).

MMMMM... does that mean I have to make curry next, so that I have something to eat the mango chutney with?  Or should I brave what awaits me behind the closed door of my bedroom?

Mango Chutney in the making: 

Mango Jam in the making:

The finished product:

2/3rds of the baby chubbness that I left behind on the Sunshine Coast (the 2 year old wasn't interested in sitting still for a photo) 

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  1. oo nice mango preserving! And cute babies! whose are they?