Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hello from Noosa!

Noosa is north of Brisbane, maybe an hour or so's drive from the house. Thankfully I'm still 'jet lagged' from a week of earlies so getting up at 0630 wasn't too much of a hardship - in fact, I woke without my alarm for once!

We came up here to surf: DK, S and SG. However given my seaweed phobia, the fact that the chosen surf location is rocky and jellyfishy, I feel my phobia expanding.

I did paddle out to where the guys are surfing, lay on my surf board awhile and then decided that my chances of being dashed against the rocks were pretty high. I then paddled back in to shore and have spent the last thirty minutes or so amusing myself by taking photos of vishus jellyfishus and and rocks. I also managed a photo of myself and two of the painted surf warriors accompanying me - I am also covered in zinc but unlike the guys, I bought the clear stuff!

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