Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Party

Yesterday was the work Christmas party. Having been forcibly persuaded, coerced, and pretty much blackmailed to attend, I actually ended up fairly excited about the event. I even had my trusty dress and shoes mailed from Ireland (thanks, Mum) for it.

The plan started out as driving part of the way - to New Farm - and then catching the City Cat across the river to the venue. However, then J loaned his car to GH to move house, I couldn't drive my car due to going off on a 3 day Canberra trip the next day, and ML was out of petrol. That left SoR's car, for 7 of us. I don't think so really, do you?

The plan adapted into J, M and myself calling a cab, and letting SoR, ML, DK and RoN (if any of you can work out these initials, fair play!) take SoR's car on Plan 1. The only glitch in the plan was Friday Night, and the fact that 'we'll be with you in a few minutes' from the cab company morphed into an hour's wait. I do think that being fashionably late for such an event is a good thing, but by the time the cab finally arrived we were all beginning to wonder whether we'd get there at all!

The party was on the top floor of a hotel, infact including the entire bar, with free drinks and canapes provided at majassive cost for about 200 people.

Most of my Favourite People in Australia attended, and it took a considerable portion of the evening just to wander around and say hello to everyone!

The weirdest part of all was random people coming up to me saying hi, and I'm thinking... I have no idea who you are but hiiiiiii, so nice to see you! You're looking great!

Oh, and the ham was amazing. Some great and awesome joint of ham kept my attention the entire evening (it's the only thing I ate. Ham and wholegrain mustard. That's what you do when you're a fussy eater.). I may or may not have accidentally spat ham into the HOFO's face when I was talking to him, I can't rightly say. Ooooops! The free champagne wasn't half bad too :)

Anyway, now I am in Sydney, about to catch my flight to Canberra, where I seem to spend the majority of my life, so TTFN!!!

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