Sunday, November 25, 2012

There are way too many Christmas songs playing everywhere, and it's not even December. Nobody seems to understand that Christmas is cancelled this year! Although my pet barman in the hotel in Canberra has promised me free drinks to make up for my having to be there...

I went for breakfast this morning, in Canberra obviously, and there was mould on my toast. I know people eat cheese with mould on it, which is apparently planned... but no thanks! The waitress immediately whisked it away and reappeared in just a few minutes with a completely new breakfast, very apologetic, and I carefully checked the toast... all OK. Then I was just finishing off my orange juice, about to get out and leave... and a waitress comes out with a tray of 3 freshly baked frangipani tarts for me as, I presume, a peace offering! Nice one! I was impressed enough at how quickly they replaced my breakfast, but that's cool!

Anyway, it's off to Sydney and Albury now, then pax back to Brisbane tonight, so I must go!


PS the photos are of strange rust coloured currents out of Sydney - algae??? and the sunset flying in to Sydney

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