Saturday, November 17, 2012


There are storms this weekend.

Not the type of storms someone from Ireland would expect.  In fact, I knew all about Tropical Storms before I got here.  Except for when one happened, and then I was like OH MY GOD THIS IS CRAZY AND WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE.  I even unplugged the internet.  Except apparently, you have to unplug the cables that all go into the back of the router, not just unplug it from the electricity.  Nobody told me this, and I thought I was being helpful, and people laughed.  *sad face*

I even took some video, and uploaded one on Youtube just for you.  Because you're special.

I would like to apologise that it is The Wrong Way Around.  My bad, I got carried away.

So did the house.  Well, it almost got carried away.  The granny flat that S lives in downstairs got flooded, as in, we could paddle around in it.  The only way we can think that it flooded is that the water came up from under the floor.  About 20 towels and 40 minutes later, the 5 of us managed to clear the place, only for it to start raining again.

Anyway, what fun !!! this is rain this morning... you cant really hear the thunder over it... the funny part in the movie is when the bird on the telephone wire just flips upside down and is unable to right itself. Poor bird.

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