Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hello from Canberry, which is the original name for Canberra (changed in 1913) derived from the aboriginal word 'kamberra' which means 'meeting place'.

I know this, because a notice board says so, right at the top of Mt Ainslie. I'm not sure if the Mt Ainslie one is spelt that way but the dude who lived there was called Ainslie so it'll do.

This obviously brings me to the next fact: I climbed a mountain! Okay, a mount. Which wasn't particularly big but took about an hour to walk up, so I claim it as a mountain and I name it Mt Kate. Jus' Sayin'. I even took some pics of Mt Kate for you, and even one of Kate on Mt Kate as proof!

You can see (well I could, earlier) Canberra Airport from the top of Mt Kate, so I took a picture of this as well. You're welcome.

Now, having showered off the dust - so much dust! - I am lying on my bed resting my not-dusty-anymore feet, and contemplating the spicy chicken wings that I am going to eat tonight at Smoque. NOT the Suicidal Wings that I chose last time, as I don't want to die a second time, but the next step down I think!!

A little more about Canberra for those who care, ie Dad, it was invented. A ready made capital, built from scratch, a sort of concrete disaster in the middle of a beautiful Australian valley. Apparently Melbourne and Sydney had a fight because Sydney thought Melbourne shouldn't be the capital any more due to size, and Australia, being Australian, found a little town called Canberry smack bang between Sydney and Melbourne and dubbed it capital.

Creating a capital this way meantt that they could choose what it looked like from the very beginning, tough luck the little town that was already there. There was even a competition to design it, and some random bloke who hadn't even been there won the competition and it's all geometric shapes and grandiose concrete monstrosity now, IMHO.

Anyway, enough about Kam/Canberry/a.


PS the person in the other pic is Archie.

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