Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Surfer's Paradise

Today was good.

For a start, I was on a legal day of which meant crewing couldn't even think about calling me. The plan was simple - the beach. Which beach, it didn't really matter, just a beach, somewhere, involving lots of warm sand and preferably warm water.

Surfer's Paradise ended up being where we went (me and An Crew Member) and it was good. Attached are a couple of pictures. I was very impressed by a father who built his two small sons sand cars to play in, with just his hands. Fair play, and I have attached a photo as proof.

The sea was reasonably un-cold (not being warm as such) and the waves were far too chaotic for surfing, but excellent fun for tumbling, as I have decided to name the pastime. The current was extremely strong, so much so that walking in even waist deep water was a massive effort, so it was a pretty good work out as well!

I now look like a boiled lobster (face only) despite multiple applications of high factor sunscreen and have decided that the next step up is 'zinc' which is apparently sunproof. Don't ask for more info cos I don't got none? HA! Unfortunate that I can't wear a lycra rash vest on my face - although R did suggest a balaclava!!


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