Sunday, December 30, 2012


31 December 2012, Travelodge Hotel, Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia.


I'm trying to work out exactly where I was at this time last year - Ah yes, I was off! Followed by a Cardiff-Blackpool on 1 Jan 2012. Worlds apart!!!

So much has happened in 2012. I started out working from Dublin, Ireland, with You Know Who - and less than a month into the year, I was randomly applying for this Australian gig, although not having thought about actually going.

Feb 29, I handed in my notice. Such a strange feeling of loss. Losing a family, although I have definitely gained one here too.

The next 2 months were a blur. A blur of arrangements, goodbyes - goodbyes that didn't feel like goodbyes, because it didn't feel like I was going anywhere - work, parties... and that took me right up to 26 April.

That's the day I left Ireland, and Dad took pictures of me going through security, and posted them on facebook, which was a little bit weird. I travelled to Oz on Malaysian Airlines (I don't recommend them) with JB and Welsh CS. (Sorry, no full names as usual!)

We stayed in the Oaks on Felix for the next month - self catering apartments, which were pretty good - and we started work - back to school - on 30 April.

21 May was the last exam (for me) and final freedom from the books... only having to start studying again a few days later to go to the sim in Auckland.

After the sim - which I think takes me up to the end of June, it was time to fly again!

And it's almost time for Breakfast in Rocky so I'm going to publish this and do Part 2 afterwards!


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