Sunday, December 16, 2012

Back in Brisbane

So, anyway.

I wrote part of a blog, and then I unexpectedly went to work, and then when I got back I found what I wrote boring, so I decided to delete it and start again.

Except that now I've started again, I don't know what to write.  I think this can be partly attributed to the fact that I'm jetlagged.  Still.  Yes, I know, it's days and days since I arrived home (today is the third day), but I've been busy!

Day 1 (the day I arrived), we had a BBQ in Redcliffe with a few of the internationals.

Day 2, I intended to unpack, but got a call from Crewing asking would I please go to Canberra as they really really really really really really really needed me.  (Really?)  I hummed and hahhed and eventually agreed.  So, I didn't unpack.  Still.  Yes, I know... I'm home now, and I'm still not unpacking...

Day 3, I worked out of Canberra.  That's today, and now I'm home, and I looked at the scene of devastation caused by me not unpacking, and decided to blog.  Also, J wants to buy a Christmas tree (Really?  After I made the decision NOT to bring my Christmas ornaments this time as nobody wanted to celebrate Christmas in my house???) so I may end up heading to Aldi with him.  ('Cause Aldi's the Cheaper Place in a not so cheap world.)

Sorry about all the Parentheses.  Really.  And all of the Capitalisations.  And all of the incomplete sentences.  I'm jet lagged.  Still.

So... I got upgraded to business class in Abu Dhabi which was unexpected, and sweet, and J's sleeping pills worked a treat, so I slept for the majority of the 14h flight to Sydney.  Somewhere between Sydney and Brisbane, one of my bags got lost (probably due to the fact that I checked in 25 minutes before my flight) but Virgin delivered it to my house within a couple of hours.

Tomorrow, Day 4, I've got a day off, so really I should use it to unpack.  Tomorrow, I shall stop procrastinating...

TTFN !!!

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