Saturday, December 22, 2012

Even the sea has lice. Who knew? I didn't, and now I do - and finally the bites don't sting any more.

M and I got a surfing lesson this morning, at Bribie Island. We also got lots of bites from sea lice. M has decided he should stick to boogie boarding now, as apparently he 'can't stand up'.

After the surf lesson, we sunbathed awhile, except it started to rain, so i was more rain bathing for a few minutes... I wanted to swim but M got a little nervous about the number of jellyfish so we didn't.

Now I am lying on the couch... fairly unable to move after an awesome dinner of Greek salad and deli chicken. We went to Woolies just before closing so got lots and lots and lots of fruit & veg in a bag for 3 dollars, and the chicken was nicely reduced too! Score :)

So... it's movie time! Nope, no pictures. SO sorry!! (not). Maybe I shouldve taken one of all the prezzies under the tree? :)


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