Saturday, March 9, 2013

It would be fair to say that I'm wrecked. I'm also sunburnt, but not for want of sunscreen, as I used almost the whole bottle. Just obviously the sun here in Byron just isn't fazed by the stuff.

We surfed, we played with waves, and Steve played with dophins - but I refused to swim out of my depth without my surf board. Too many episodes of Bondi Rescue, and no hot life guards in Byron...

The waves were really dumpy today, and the bruises on my legs bear evidence of that! Even Steve, the 'pro' surfer amongst us, got eaten by many waves. One wave, I almost caught (story of my life) and then it just dropped... and my surfboard dropped first (isn't there some physics theory about things of different weights dropping at different/same speeds? aren't I heavier than a fiberglass board?) and then I fell on the sharp tail of the board... or rather, the top of my thigh did, and quite a beautiful purple souvenir to prove it. I'm beginning to get wary of waves !

The awesome thing is that having surfed every other day all week, I now hardly ache! (bruises aside)

Tomorrow morning is a sea kayak tour, with go sea kayaks Byron, which have pretty good reviews and I'm REALLY excited about! Steve has a go pro camera so hopefully will get some good photos! My next thing to save for is a go pro :).

Tonight (yeah, I know, not in order!) we are staying in the same apartment as last time, and this time we brought a queen-sized air mattress for extra comfort for the floor dwellers...

Anyway, I'm wrecked, so I must sleep!


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