Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Part Two

So anyway.

After all that, there was really only one thing for it.


What can I say?  

He started it - and my iphone was one lucky iphone, and did not get harmed in any of these events...

I'm afraid these pictures are a little out of sequence, as a couple of them should really be in the previous post.  The first is of the path down to Tallow Beach (what used to be).  

And the second, which should really be before the first, and in fact, directly after the picture of the lighthouse in the previous post, is Tallow Beach (once upon a time) from the hill on which the lighthouse lives.  As you can see... very foamy and wavey, and all thatey. 

Steve... watching the waves... 

And finally, at last in the right order, we returned to the main beach, after scoffing large quantities of Dominos Pizza and Diet Coke, and the sun started to set, the lorakeets started screeching horrendously in the trees like I'm not quite sure exactly what (aren't I good at descriptive prose?) and we watched some children playing on the sand.  Seriously, wheelbarrow races wearing short summer dresses probably isn't the smartest idea, children.  Anyway, I didn't take any photos of that, but this one includes a somersault, which is pretty good action-capture IMHO.

And then... 

...we went home.



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