Tuesday, March 5, 2013

More Byron

We planned to go to Burleigh, which is just over one hour south of where I live, but when we got there, this is what we saw, and I wasn't really that impressed, being mortal...

So, we went to Byron.

It scared me too.  I told Steve that I wasn't going near the water (a bit like the Johnny Cash song) but that he could if he wanted to, and I was quite happy to watch... but then we went to a different part of Byron.

This is the lighthouse.

We went to see Tallow Beach.

Tallow Beach always scares me.  Actually, I should change my words now, as there isn't actually any such thing as Tallow Beach.  (aside from the fact that it's actually called Tallows)

Tallow Beach is gone.

This is where Tallow Beach used to be:

Poor Tallow.  Not that I ever liked it.

In its place, was lots and lots of foam.  Natural foam, not nasty chemically stuff.  It didn't smell, and it was dirty in places, and very very soft and light.  Almost like touching air.


That's all you get for now as I just got a call from work asking me to go in at 0430 in the morning so... I have LOADS more photos... and yes, I did go into the water in the end... but that all must wait until work has Happened.

TTFN !!!

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