Friday, March 22, 2013

My laptop broke, and Apple told me it would take 5 working days to fix, and then it was done in like 6 hours, and I was happy again. They even cleaned it for me.

I'm also still sleeping on a mattress on the floor with my ice box as a bedside table, because I'm too lazy and unorganised to do anything about it. I'm punishing myself by refusing to allow myself to buy items like tennis racquets or a time machine until I have purchased the important items. At least it's saving me money ! No plans to become organised any time soon.

Today is day two of a six day trip, and I am lying in a hotel bed in Sydney, trying not to be TOO bored until the other crew arrives in an hour or so and we can get dinner. At least I brought my own pillow this time!!!

There's really not much to say, as it has been work, then a day off to gather my senses (what senses?) and then bak to work again. There is Talk of a trip to Cairns next weekend, but I think it unlikely!

That's all folks!

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