Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Paddy's Weekend

Paddy's weekend. Oh, and kayaking in Byron last weekend, and I already put those photos on facebook, and if you don't have facebook then I'm very sorry but tough luck, because I don't have the photos on my phone any more.

Where was I? Paddy's weekend, in Australia, MK I. PC came over from Ireland, and took a couple of us to a rugby match on Saturday, which was great fun. First rugby match ever, and 'our' side (Brisbane Reds) lost, against the Western Force (I presume from the west...) who apparently have never ever won anything meaningful in their lives ever, so what were they thinking?? The latter they being the Reds, of course.

The Australians are very restrained it seems, so there was no singing and very little cheering until towards the end when the commentator guy got people chanting 'WE ARE RED!' which didn't really seem to help (and trailed off pretty quick) and all of his insults to the Force actually appeared to make them play better...

We went wearing Lions shirts for the Australia 2013 tour, and if you don't know what Lions are, or rather, WHO Lions are, in this case, them being peebles rather than animals, then Google it. I am not here to help you. It was slightly unfortunate that the Reds, being red, wore red as well, so we didn't particularly stand out - but by the end of the match had made ourselves known to a few !

I think I like going to rugby matches. Except, they don't have popcorn and it's just like the cinema - you reeeeeally need popcorn. Oh and the security guard at the bar made me laugh (snigger, perhaps) when I asked him if he knew if you could buy popcorn anywhere and he said 'oh, I thought you were going to ask me if you could buy a beer, and I was going to have to say no.'. How old does he think we were?! (I'm older now. Two Whole Days!!!)

I am writing this blog as we cruise along merrily at 15,000ft, a) because there is nothing else to do, and b) because I don't really want to talk to the guy sitting next to me. Tsk. How rude. (I'm nice like that)

So what else happened, you might ask? Well, after the match, I went into the Valley, to catch up with other friends, and then went to bed really really late and then woke up really really late and then did some laundry and that sort of thing, as you do, and then went back into the city for dinner. What a fun life, innit? Oh, and wore my St Patrick's Day T-shirt.

Now I'm, as I mentioned before, in an aeroplane , and just before everyone gets excited, I'm using 'Notes' and I'm not 'interfering with the aircraft systems'. Feel better now? Today I'm overnighting in Sydney, and tomorrow in Canberra, and then I get to go back to Brissy for one day before a massive six day trip :(

And HAPPY ST PATRICK'S DAY to you all !!!!!! (only one day late)


PS a couple more photos coming...

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