Friday, December 20, 2013

i hate youth hostels.

I'm lying in bed, in this 4-bed dorm, with itchy sheets and a skinny pillow, listening to people snore, beds creak, and people tromping around outside yelling at the top of their voices.

Obviously I'm a spoilt brat, and not cut out for this sort of lifestyle, and it's now after 0100 and it's making me angry!

And I don't have my earplugs.

Tomorrow's priority is earplugs... although they won't do all that much for the wayward bedsprings, haha!

The good news is that it's just two nights, and we are having fun apart from this!  

We arrived in Hobart just after midday, after two uneventful flights (one standby) and a painless airport experience - the lounge helps!  Picking up the car, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the discount also included a reduced excess, so money saved all round!  

The afternoon we spent in Hasting Caves, which were beautiful !  - and then we got woodfired pizza, drove back to Hobart and went for a chilly evening walk... 

And now the snoring is increasing in its intensity and I would really like some extra pillows to throw right now... although they'd also be useful to rest my head on !

Here's a lonely pre-editing cave photo to make you all happy...

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