Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Garden Returns: Diatomaceous Earth

To start off with, here is the Second Marrow.  Also known as the Final Marrow, at least from these two plants, anyway.  I decided to grow it just in case the First Marrow doesn't last until next week when my plans for jam begin.

Awesomely, my cherry tomatoes have started to ripen!    Here are the first slightly-orange tomatoes... I'm estimating early next week I will have some to eat !  

Unfortunately, grasshoppers have taken over the garden.  My lovely basil plant that last week was thriving and almost ready to pick from, has been well and truly gnawed-upon.  Having googled all sorts of different ways of preventing the grasshoppers from eating my plants, and discovering that the majority of chemical methods meant I couldn't eat any of my plants for 7 days, and not liking that because it felt like I would get radioactive fruit, I came across the diatomaceous earth solution.

I own a little tub of bentonite clay, which I think is pretty much the same as diatomaceous earth - I'm sure Mum will correct me if I am wrong - what would I know?

I filled up a spray bottle with half a litre of water and half a cup of bentonite clay, and went to work spraying the plants.  They all look slightly grey-ish now.

The plants affected are the sunflowers, eggplant, raspberry and basil, with the tomatoes very slightly chewed, and the rest of the plants untouched.  I guess grasshoppers don't like zucchini.

Will see when I get back from this trip if there are any more holes...

Next attempt will be the molasses & dishsoap method.

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