Friday, December 13, 2013

Unofficial Malaysian detour: The Hindu Temple

EDIT:  If you want to see the pictures full resolution, just click on them - I didn't want to make them larger on the full blog, as there are quite a lot and it could slow down already dodgy internet...


A few days ago, I got asked to do yet another Singapore ferry, which was fairly predictable, as I was on reserve and they had forgotten to crew it.  This ended up leaving me with a day off in Singapore, as we flew in one evening and didn't fly out again until the next evening.  So, we decided to go to Malaysia, As You Do.  

We caught a cab into the city, and then the local bus across the bridge into Malaysia, to a city called Johor Bahru.  There's an NDB (non-directional beacon) on the arrival into Seletar which is called Jaybee, which apparently is over Johor Bahru.  Hence the name.  We didn't actually find the NDB - nor look for it.  

Having gone through immigration (both sides), we ventured into the city, and acted the tourist for the day.  First up was the Hindu Temple, which they actually let us go into.  The building was covered with 3D art.  Before going inside we had to remove our shoes and socks, and wash our feet under the taps beside the stairs.

The Hindus really seem to have a multi-limb obsession...  The walls inside the temple were filled with more 3D art, all of which were different gods, and there were many Indians inside, praying to them.

The ceiling at the middle of the temple was filled with paintings.  The outer part of the temple was open to the air.  There were many altars under this ceiling.  I don't have pictures of these, as I was trying to surreptitiously take photos without being seen as disrespectful.

The doors to the temple, which were probably about 15 feet high, were covered in little bells, which everyone brushed with their hands before entering.  We didn't, not being Hindus, that might also have been classed as disrespectful.

There were many stores along the road outside the temple that were selling real flower garlands, which were incredibly beautiful.  If I could have brought one back into Australia, I would have !

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