Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I have come to the conclusion that I am awesome.  Marrow and ginger jam take one (and probably only) was a resounding success, at least, it's perfectly set and not concrete,
although I haven't actually tried it yet.

I had to pick the second (final) marrow to make there be enough tiny little cubes, as I really wanted to do stuffed marrow as well.

The recipe as received from Caroline:

1lb marrow (in tiny cubes)
1lb sugar
1 lemon (in quarters, de-seeded)
3/4 inch cube root ginger (bashed and tied in a little cloth baggy)

So I started on this, only to realise it also said I had to soak it overnight before cooking, which threw a spanner in the works.  Thankfully I started at 0900 so just let it sit 'til 1700 and figured it was fine then.

And then I boiled it all up until it reached the elusive setting point - which really should be more definitive and less vague... 

I even sterilised the jam jars in the oven at 130C for 30 minutes... hopefully it worked !

The stuffed marrow also worked beautifully, but sadly I got forced to go to Singapore today (the day after making it) so Kurt got all the leftovers :'( .

I have also picked the first four cherry tomatoes!  They are big and weirdly pinkish but very tasty - can't wait for the firstfruits of the normal tomatoes... which are almost there.

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